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Air Market is the biggest E.newspaper for the travel and tourism industries, and the paper is read by the vast majority of employees and employers in the business in India. Air Market is issued on the 1st day in every month, and is distributed to travel agencies, agents, airlines, tourist agencies, coach companies, hotels, restaurants, railway companies and embassies. Furthermore, the e.newspaper is distributed to the 4800 biggest corporations in India. The purpose of Air Market is to brief companies and a wide sphere of employees in the travel and leisure industry about all relevant news from and concerning the industry.

Air Market's main head office is located in Chennai. It is a well established corporation with travel specialist reporters in India. Air Market's websites is a supplement to the monthly e.newspaper. On the website, the key important news are published on a daily basis, added with briefs from the major Indien and foreign daily newspapers concerning the travel industry. www.airmarket.in , also offers the opportunity to advertise vacant positions. All ads are immediately published on the web site and in the next e.newspaper of Air Market. Air Market's websites coordinates a crash calendar for the travel industry. In the crash calendar, all planned events, receptions and other social initiatives in the travel industry are shown, in order to avoid "time crashes" between initiatives planned for the same forum or group of people.

AIR MARKET serves larger travel fairs with distribution of additional copies of the latest issue of the newspaper to all attendees of the fairs, thus giving our advertisers an even better chance of making contact to guests and exhibitors. The high number of readers make Air Market the natural media choice for those, who wish to establish contact with people and companies in the business in India. Air market's advertising department is at your service for further information and can be reached by phone (+91)44 23 75 01 34, fax (+91) 44 43 56 59 94 or email info@airmarket.co.in. Postal address: Air Market, Advertising dept. 17/12.1st.floor, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam Chennai 24, India.

Air market's editorial office welcomes big and smaller news from the travel industry. We can be reached by phone (+91) 44 23 75 01 34 - fax (+91) 44 43 56 59 94 or e-mail: info@airmarket.co.in. Postal address: Air Market 17/12, 1st.floor,Arcot Road Kodambakkam, Chennai 24 India Copyright - www.airmarket.in Responsible publisher of www.airmarket.in is Airmarket's Publishing. All material on the website is protected under Indian copyright legislation,All intellectual property on the website, including articles, photos and graphic material, belongs to Air Market, and are solely made available for showing and reading purposes. It is not allowed to copy any part of the website's content electronically or digitally, according to Indian copyright legislation.

However, isolated copies in print are allowed, for private purposes. This access is only valid for physical persons, as defined in Indian legislation. Thus, companies are not allowed to print articles or other material from the website, even if the prints are for internal use and/or distribution among the company's employees. Further use and/or print producing of material from www.airmarket.in shall always be based on the express permission of Airmarket.in. Kontakt os, Air Market.IN 17/12, 1st.Floor, Arcot road Kodambakkam, Chennai 24 India Tel: +91 44 23750134 Fax: +91 44 43565994 E-mail: info@airmarket.co.in