Eco-tourism in Singapore and elsewhere is increasing in demand
Date: December 24,2016
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Eco-tourism in Singapore and elsewhere is increasing in demand

Singapore tourism industry is fast tapping on the new age travelers who are environmentally aware with lots of travel experiences. Travel agencies and touring companies are cashing in on this in this fast-changing tourism industry. The digital revolution has changed the way at how people look at tourism now and tourists now plan, book and manage travels online on their own. This has in a way disrupted the industry. To survive this change, tourism companies have turned to ‘experiential tourism’, where focus is on creating immersive and meaningful experiences for travelers — and sustainable tourism, or eco-tourism, which is becoming increasingly popular.

2017 has been declared as the “international year of sustainability tourism for development” by the UNWTO, with sustainable tourism taking care of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts and addressing needs of tourists, the industry and the environment. Many travel agencies here are reporting a 5% year-on-year growth in the tourism segment. To quote Alicia Seah, Director of Marketing and Communications, Dynasty Travel, “Travellers these days are more affluent and largely looking for never before experiences. They are well educated and conscious about not leaving carbon foot-prints behind as they travel. Sustainable tourism is, hence, getting more popular as it comes with this feel-good factor of giving back.” The Maldives, Australia, Thailand, Bali as well as Guilin and Lijiang in China are popular eco-tourism destinations. Eco-tourism interests younger clients who request eco-friendly hotels or ones that focus on sustainability, as said by many Singapore firms.

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