Jordan needs more tourists for reviving its tourism sector
Date: December 27,2016
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Jordan needs more tourists for reviving its tourism sector

Jordan rightly kept its travel and tourism industry away from political disruptions. Though it remained sandwiched between conflicting nations like Israel, Syria, Palestine and Iraq, Jordan remained safe and independent. The scenario remained the same in spite of a terror attack of a Canadian tourist last week.

Tourism is one of the main strongest industries of Jordan and key foreign currency earner. With a brilliant infrastructure, trained professionals associated with this industry are ready to showcase its historic attractions to the world tourists. Travelers get to taste some of the delicious cuisines, excellent shopping options and float in the Dead Sea while traversing Jordan.

USA with other countries in vested interest should assist Jordan in expanding its tourism. The travel and tourism industry has created many job opportunities for young Jordanians who are well trained and motivated. His Majesty, the King of Jordan, has supported International Institute for Peace through Tourism. As Jordanians are basically protective of their travelers and tourism industry, the country becomes quite safe and welcoming to the tourists globally.

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