Uganda boat accident kills nine
Date: December 27,2016
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Uganda boat accident kills nine

On Monday, police said that nine people had died after an overloaded fishing boat capsized in Lake Albert. This region is located in southwestern part of Uganda on Christmas Day, according to the police.

Police has confirmed that 21 people were missing initially from the accident.

However, later, it was found that they were all alive. There had been fears that as many as 30 people had died on account of the unfortunate incident.

Rutagira John who was the Buliisa district police commander told the media that the fishing boat was supposed to carry just 18 people and not 45.

John also added that the witnessed the accident said that most of the people who were on the boat were actually travelling to watch a football match at a neighbouring landing site and that they were all drunk. Even the operator of the boat was completely drunk during the time of the accident.

He also said that none of the people on board the boats were wearing life jackets.

Yet, they were careless to a considerable extent given the fact that they blew trumpets, whistled and drummed as they sat on one side of the boat.

The accident comes just two days following yet another boat accident that claimed at least six lives in Lake Victoria in the district of Kalangala in central Uganda.

Since the year 2000, more than 250 people have lost their lives in Lake Albert.

The worst accident had occurred in February 2004, when 45 people died.

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