Bomb blast in Philippines kills 10, injures 20
Date: December 30,2016
Time: 12
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Bomb blast in Philippines kills 10, injures 20

On Wednesday night, a severe bomb blast in the region of central Philippines killed 10 people and injured 20 others, as revealed by the president of Philippines on Thursday.

Military authorities in the region said that the bomb was actually a homemade explosive device that had been detonated by a mobile phone at the time of a boxing competition, as announced by a certain media house.

The boxing match was part of the celebrations that marked the patron saint festivities in the city of Hilongos.

It was at the city of Hilongos that the attack took place.

A large number of people had to be offered medical treatment for some really serious injuries as a result of the bomb blast.

Ernesto Abella who is the Presidential spokesperson said that the authorities have ordered a probe that would investigate the attack.

Currently, it has been reported that there are no bomb threats. Also, nobody has claimed responsibility for the bomb attack.

On 24th April, during a mass, some unidentified group threw a grenade at a police car that was parked outside a church in Midsayap city that is located on the southern island of Mindanao. It killed 13 people.

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