Bali feels 6.2 magnitude tremors
Date: December 30,2016
Time: 12
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Bali feels 6.2 magnitude tremors

Indonesia is shaken by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake and tremors have been felt on Bali that is a popular tourist island.

According to the reports of the US Geological Survey, the quake had struck the country around 6.30 a.m. local time in the region of Sumbawa. However, there has been no tsunami alert and also no immediate reports of any kind of damage or casualty.

The epicenter of the quake was at a distance of nearly 33 kilometres from the southern part of the village of Tolotangga.

This place is situated nearly about 1350 kilometres from the eastern part of Jakarta that is the capital of the nation.

The earthquake was 72 kilometres deep.

In a certain statement, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency of Indonesia  confirmed that the earthquake was also experienced in East Nusa Tenggara and even Bali.

The earthquake forced several residents in the areas to come rushing out of their houses, as declared by the news agency.

The earthquake was quite long.

A majority of people had just woken up when the earthquake hit compelling them to rush out of their homes immediately, said a resident of Hambala.

The disaster agency of Indonesia said that the officials were checking to see if the quake had made an impact. It is the second time this month that the country has been hit by an earthquake.

On 7th December, Aceh province was struck by a 6.5 magnitude quake that claimed over 100 people.

Indonesia that is the world’s largest archipelago is quite prone to earthquakes on account of its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire that is an arc of fault lines and volcanoes in the Pacific Basin.

A tsunami and 2004 earthquake had killed about 2,30,000 people in several  countries.

The earthquake today in Indonesia comes just a day following a tremor that was felt in the south island of New Zealand.

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